Angel Tattoo was founded in 1996 and is popular with locals and tourists

Angel Tattoo body piercing and tattoo studio is one of the most experienced, and respected Tattoo and Body piercing shops in the South of France. Established in 1996 as one of the first tattoo studios to open in Nice, France....


A family of tattoo artists - Interview with Angélique - Shop Manager and Artist

Angélique was born into a family of tattoo artists. It is the job of these two parents who, in 1996, founded Angel Tattoo. In reality, it is first Laetitia (the mother) who founds the company before being joined by her husband...



Here at Angel Tattoo Studio and Body Piercing Shop in Nice, we take Hygiene very seriously and we pride ourselves in being one of the cleanest Tattoo Studios in the French Riviera.

All of our artists have sat through up to date hygiene regulation testing and have all received verified certification & hygiene certificates to ensure your health and wellbeing is our priority.

We will only use surgically approved and sterilized equipment in our shop for your safety.


Angel Tattoo Studio was founded in 1996 by Laticia Coleman who has studied with some of the most iconic Tattoo Artists from around the globe.

Her 20+ years of experience have been passed down to each team member who have all built up their own set of skills and talents, learning from a wide variety of artists, seminars, and lectures over the years.

We regularly research the latest techniques in tattooing and body piercing to ensure you are receiving the highest standards when it comes to your Tattoo and Piercing needs.


We take our craft very seriously here at Angel Tattoo and we pride ourselves in being able to deliver the highest quality of work for every single customer that walks into our home.

This also includes ensuring we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards possible when it comes to your journey with us in our studio.

From start to finish, we will make sure you have a pleasant, welcoming and friendly experience every time you visit our shop and our team members.

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